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Tank inspection hatches

Our tank inspection hatches are entirely manufactured in our workshop in France. Our know-how transmitted for 100 years brings you the guarantee of excellence products that can meet your most technical needs.

Our industrial hatches will allow you to meet your needs. Boyer tank hatches guarantee you compliance with current manhole regulations as well as ease of opening and certified safety.

Home Hatches
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-200
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-200P31-200 / P31-300 / P31-400 / P31-500 / P31-600
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-498
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-498P31-498 / P31-598 / P31-698
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-240
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-240P31-240 / P31-340 / P31-440 / P31-540 / P31-640
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-080
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-080P31-080 / P31-081
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-935
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-935P31-935 / P31-1235 / P31-1435
Non-pressurized hatches P33-114
Non-pressurized hatches P33-114P33-114 / P33-255 / P33-315
Non-pressurized hatches P33-212
Non-pressurized hatches P33-212P33-212 / P33-213
Non-pressure trap P33-200
Non-pressure trap P33-200P33-200 / P33-300 / P33-400 / P33-500 / P33-600
Non-pressurized hatches P33-150
Non-pressurized hatches P33-150P33-150 / P33-230 / P33-330 / P33-430 / P33-530 / P33-630
Non-pressurized hatches P33-196
Non-pressurized hatches P33-196P33-196 / P33-301 / P33-401 / P33-501 / P33-601
Round sealing doors P42-020
Round sealing doors P42-020P42-020 / P42-020/70
Round sealing doors P42-021
Round sealing doors P42-021P42-021 / P42-021/70
Round sealing trapdoor P42-080
Round sealing trapdoor P42-080P42-080 / P42-081
Round sealing doors P42-1035
Round sealing doors P42-1035P42-1035 / P42-1235 / P42-1435

Discover sterile pressureless hatches

The range of aseptic pressureless hatches allows us to meet many requests from our customers. The main objective is to obtain a sterile pressureless hatch.

In collaboration with our customers, our design office has designed a watertight tank inspection hatch, washable in its entirety. The right angle of the industrial hatch frame allows to acquire enough pressure to ensure a sterilization of our product.

Suitable and secure manholes

Our range of no-pressure manholes ensures safety and Boyer quality. It allows the use of a manhole requiring no pressure. Our manholes are located at the top of a tank, allowing access to the contents without having atmospheric pressure.

Sealable manholes are used when making concrete tanks. They allow concrete to be poured all around the frame in order to have a perfect hold on the door. Sealing hatches are also used for any other concrete structure than tanks.


Need specific dimensions, or a particular product?

Boyer makes your product to measure!

Our technical design office will accompany you from the conception to the realization of your project.