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Doors and hatches for laboratory tanks

The chemical sector is driven by very important regulations due to the possible dangerousness of the activity.

Thanks to our know-how and our internal engineers, we have been able to develop products that comply with the various standards of the international market.

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Discover pressure doors to store your corrosive products

The pressure door category is the most used in this sector. The chemical reactions of the stored products (gases, solvents, vapors, butane, paint, methane, etc...), cause pressure inside the tank. The chemical sector requires strong pressure resistance from industrial tank doors.

Our external pressure doors have all the features to meet the market needs. The high pressure resistance of our external doors, the ATEX regulations and the compliance with the CODAP construction code make them a reference for our customers. Boyer ensures quality and certification thanks to regulated documents that allow us to secure and reassure our customers.

Certified chemical tank doors for maximum safety

As with different industries, the layout of external pressure doors varies depending on the layout of the tank or vessel. Tank doors for laboratories or hydrocarbon may well be located at the top or bottom level, it depends on the access to the tanks.

Boyer follows the rules of ISO 3834-4 allowing to obtain a requirement of elementary quality in welding. The ISO 3834-4 certificate, validated by the TUV, offers security to our customers regarding our manufacturing procedure valid in France and internationally


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