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Doors and hatches for water tanks

The water and water treatment industry has new standards to meet regarding opening size and manhole passage.

ACS certification at the joint level is also required to ensure that no pollution will be made between the contact of the joints and that of the water.

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Stored products generally have no pressure due to their location at the top level of water tanks. Our doors and hatches for water tanks are mainly sealed in concrete with a regulated opening size.

Our sealable hatches are the most used products as they do not require any pressure holding. The large openings offered by our hatches are highly sought after due to the requirement to comply with the standard regarding the size of the useful passage. The regulation stipulates the obligation to be able to pass the width of a stretcher and a man.

A custom manhole for your water tank

We mostly make custom doors and hatches for this sector which has different specifics for each project. The products sold are of large diameter and there more by time of round shape which allows an easier access towards the interior of the tank.

Boyer follows the rules of the ISO 3834-4 standard allowing to obtain a requirement of elementary quality in welding. The ISO 3834-4 certificate, validated by the TUV, offers security to our customers regarding our manufacturing procedure valid in France and internationally.


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