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Doors and hatches for food processing tanks

The food industry is framed by very strict regulations.

Boyer has been able to innovate in order to meet the needs of companies present on the market by offering doors and hatches for food processing tanks. Food storage tanks need to be sterilized regularly in order to have no problem with the stored products.

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Choose the right doors and hatches for a sterile tank

Outward opening doors for food processing tank are mostly used on this sector. The pressure doors have been developed by our design department to meet a high pressure level. The demand of high pressure resistance of our customers, has been solved by our reinforced external opening door range.

In addition, the aseptic non-pressure doors are the second most used door and hatch range. The shape of the lid and that of the seal make it a sterile door, which is highly sought after for the food industry in order not to transform the quality of the stored product. They have conquered a significant number of large international companies.

The best solutions for your food storage tanks

Our food tank doors are positioned at the bottom of the tank to provide access to the inside of the tank at man height. They provide the tightness and pressure resistance necessary for storage. The clamping reinforcement used on our category of door with external opening makes it possible to hold a high intensity of pressure necessary for the sector of the food industry.

On the contrary the hatches for wine tank are positioned at the top of the tanks in order to have a higher access when they are filled. In addition wine tank hatches do not require pressure holding. The width and shape of the hatches ensure that the inside of the gate is sterilized and safe to open.


Safety standards for sterile tanks

Boyer follows the rules of the ISO 3834-4 standard allowing to obtain a requirement of elementary quality in welding.

The ISO 3834-4 certificate, validated by the TUV, offers a security to our customers concerning our manufacturing procedure valid in France and internationally


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