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Doors and hatches for wine tanks

The wine sector was the first market in which Boyer positioned itself as early as 1920. We work for very large Bordeaux vineyards, but also for smaller producers. We know the expectations and problems of our customers and that is why we have a strong presence in this sector.

The range of wine tank doors and hatches is wide and well studied to respond to atmospheric pressures and other problems related to the trade such as the deposition of any micro-organism or bacteria that may interfere with the contents of the tank.

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autoclave doors for the wine industry

The most requested wine tank doors and hatches are the autoclave doors. They are also used a lot in the champagne sector. Autoclave doors allow perfect storage of wine without altering its fragrance.

Our wine tank doors and hatches have been specially studied throughout the years, in order to provide a solution to our customers regarding wine stagnation in the doors.

Wine storage made easy

The mounting and opening system of the wine tank autoclave door makes it a must-have door for the wine industry. The assembly and disassembly system allows our customers to easily remove the door from the frame so that the inside of the tank can be maintained.

In addition, the opening towards the inside of the tank limits the risk of an external pollutant getting attached to the inside of the tank.


Enjoy ideal doors for your wine sector

Our wine tank doors are positioned at the bottom of the tank to have access to the inside of the tank at man height. They provide the watertightness and pressure resistance necessary for wine storage.

In contrast, wine tank hatches are positioned at the top of the tanks to provide superior access when they are filled. In addition, wine tank hatches do not require pressure holding.


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