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Powder doors

Boyer and its boilermakers manufacture made-to-measure products such as doors and hatches for your industrial tanks. Discover our range of stainless steel doors and hatches for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and wine industries.

Operating in sensitive sectors (toxic and noxious products), our powder doors must meet all requirements such as TEX regulations.

Our boiler-making workshop can create accessories for your industrial tanks, such as custom powder doors, to meet the requirements of your business sector.

Powder Doors P35-418
Powder Doors P35-418P35-418
Powder Doors P35-315
Powder Doors P35-315P35-315
Powder Doors P35-307
Powder Doors P35-307P35-307
Powder doors

Powder doors to current standards

Uncoated finish, stainless steel sheets, find out about the technical characteristics of our products and the compliance with standards for all our powder doors made to measure by our boilermakers. Discover our powder doors designed to meet the needs of your industry.
The challenges of an industrial tank door

More than hatches, doors are subject to high atmospheric pressure. That's why our doors have to withstand high pressure and be completely watertight. Our boilermakers are committed to offering exceptional products, and manufacture custom-made doors and accessories.

Find out more about our products for your tanks and their outstanding features, and request a quote for your powder doors!

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Powder doors

Technical characteristics of our powder doors

Powder doors are uncoated stainless steel products. The stainless steel can be bead-blasted and pickled to obtain a homogeneous surface. Polishing can be requested by our customers if required.

The frame of your powder door is made of stainless steel with an electropolished finish. The wicket door is always made of sheet metal, but dimensions vary depending on the range of powder doors. Finally, we offer a range of tightening systems, such as handwheels with inserts or stainless steel handles, depending on the product and your needs.

Compliance with standards for greater safety

To meet safety requirements and guarantee high-quality powder doors, we comply with the following standards and regulations

  • ATEX regulations for working in areas where there is a risk of explosion

For more information, ask for a quotation for the custom manufacture of your powder doors for your industrial tanks.


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