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Stock management at Boyer

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Boyer, manufacturer of doors, hatches and other accessories for professionals since 1920, has an in-house stock management for your finished products and raw materials.

Discover Boyer's stock management to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

In-house stock management to meet your needs

As a manufacturer of doors, hatches and seals for industrial tanks, Boyer manages the stock of its products in-house in order to meet your needs and requirements as quickly as possible.

It is thanks to our stock management that we are able to meet your specific requirements concerning doors or hatches for industrial tanks.

Stock of raw materials to meet your customised requirements

Boyer does not only keep the stock of finished products. We also manage the stock of raw materials in-house to meet your specific needs.

Our priority? To meet your requirements and adapt our products to your industrial tanks.

Thanks to our in-house stock management, we are able to respond to all requests in the shortest possible time.

Discover the expertise of our boilermakers for custom-made doors and hatches, whatever your sector of activity.