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Our machining expertise

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Boyer, manufacturer of doors and hatches for industrial tanks for a century, offers customized products with a choice of finishes.

We master the smallest details through machining, to deliver doors and hatches with no traces of manufacturing. Thanks to Boyer machining and finishing, your surfaces remain smooth to avoid maceration and incrustation, thus avoiding altering the quality of your products.

Careful finishing of your products

Machining is a crucial step in the manufacturing process, to remove all superfluous material from the product, such as tool marks or unstripped weld seams `.

An overview of machining in the Boyer workshops.

Machined finishes of your choice

Boyer's teams work to provide doors and hatches tailored to your industry. Depending on the products you handle, our experts offer a choice of finishes through machining. For stainless steel, you'll find :

  • Bead-blasted with a satin-matt finish;
  • Eletropoli ;
  • Polishing with Ra: on request.

For steel and carbon, we leave the surfaces rough and uncoated to preserve the smooth appearance of your parts.

Machining, the essential step for exceptional products

Machining is the finishing stage where all imperfections are erased. Whatever the door or hatch, all our products undergo machining, as this facilitates cleaning and avoids product deterioration due to incrustation. We examine all parts through machining.

For more information on our machining workshop, please contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the manufacturing stages of your doors and hatches for industrial tanks.