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Assembly of door seals

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Boyer, manufacturer of doors and hatches for your industrial tanks, offers French-made gaskets for your products in order to guarantee watertightness, insulation and cleanliness on all your industrial tanks.

Discover our assembly workshop without delay.

A workshop for the assembly of seals for your doors and hatches

Thanks to our know-how, Boyer offers doors and hatches that are both watertight and insulating, with a high resistance to pressure.

Discover the range of our food and non-food seals to suit your sector of activity.

Quality gaskets for high-performance products

In order to ensure watertightness and resistance to ageing, Boyer offers different types of seals. Depending on the elastomer, our gaskets are more or less resistant to static rest.

Boyer guarantees a storage life of two years depending on the conditions, the seal must be laid flat, without tension at room temperature and protected from the sun, temperature or heat.

Different shapes of seals according to your needs

Depending on your activity, our assembly shop offers O-rings, half-round, rectangular, rider, aseptic or 8p seals. In order to suit your use, all of our seals can withstand temperatures between -20 and 100, -10 and 200 or -20 and 90 degrees.

Do you have a special request for your seals?

Thanks to our gasket manufacturing workshop, it is possible to contact our technical department to request a specific quality of gasket corresponding to the products you handle.

What is the purpose of Boyer gaskets? To provide watertightness and insulation for your industrial tanks while offering easy maintenance.