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Round sealing doors

Your safety is our priority, which is why our sealable hatches ensure high quality. Sealing hatches are used in concrete only. Our sealable manholes are suitable for tanks but also for all areas using concrete to hold the hatches.

We work in compliance with the regulations of the manhole passages in force, in order to certify a quality of our round sealing traps for tanks.

Round sealing doors P42-020
Round sealing doors P42-020Ref:P42-020 / P42-020/70
Round sealing doors P42-021
Round sealing doors P42-021Ref:P42-021 / P42-021/70
Round sealing trapdoor P42-080
Round sealing trapdoor P42-080Ref:P42-080 / P42-081
Round sealing doors P42-1035
Round sealing doors P42-1035Ref:P42-1035 / P42-1235 / P42-1435

Choose the best waterproofing solution for your tank

Our sealable hatches have been designed to meet a market need.

Developed by our design office, our sealable hatches have the necessary characteristics in order to be cast in concrete and have an optimal position and perfect waterproofing.

Sealable hatches for your concrete tanks

Boyer sealable hatches are mainly used for concrete tanks.

However, they also meet a need in various sectors using concrete to seal inspection hatches.

Need specific dimensions, or a particular product?
Boyer makes your product to measure!

Our technical design office will accompany you from the conception to the realization of your project.

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