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Pressureless aseptic hatches

Our pressureless aseptic hatches provide you with high quality. Aseptic hatches are mainly used at the top level of the tank allowing easy and safe access to the inside of the tank.

Our industrial hatches guarantee you compliance with manhole passage regulations while certifying 100 years of quality experience from Boyer. Quality, safety and innovation are the key words of our design office.

Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-200
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-200Ref:P31-200 / P31-300 / P31-400 / P31-500 / P31-600
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-498
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-498Ref:P31-498 / P31-598 / P31-698
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-240
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-240Ref:P31-240 / P31-340 / P31-440 / P31-540 / P31-640
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-935
Non-pressure Aseptic Traps P31-935Ref:P31-935 / P31-1235 / P31-1435

Sterile industrial trap door

The right angle of the industrial no-pressure trap door frame provides sufficient hold to ensure the sterilization of our products.

The primary purpose of an aseptic no-pressure trap door is to prevent any microorganisms or bacteria from interfering with the contents of the container.

Simplified tank maintenance

These categories of hatches are mainly positioned at the top level of the tank due to their lack of pressure resistance.

However, they are used a lot due to their ease of use and thanks to the possibility of completely removing the door's gate. The maintenance of your tank will then be simple and fast.

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