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Exterior round doors

The round outer doors are recognizable by their opening to the outside of the tank. These secure doors close with a clamping system. We offer a range of products that comply with a "CODAP" construction code, providing you with controlled quality and high security.

The round external opening doors meet a need for high pressure (bar) thanks to a clamping system developed by our design office. Innovation is part of our values These manholes are also used in order to obtain a simple opening towards the inside of the tank.

Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-238
Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-238Ref:P22-238 / P22-239 / P22-249 / P22-438 / P22-448 / P22-468
Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-265
Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-265Ref:P22-265 / P22-266 / P22-286
Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-233
Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-233Ref:P22-233 / P22-250 / P22-300 / P22-333 / P22-354 / P22-433 / P22-444 / P22-446 / P22-449
Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-443
Exterior Round Pressure Doors P22-443Ref:P22-443 / P22-454 / P22-459 / P22-553 / P22-564 / P22-569 / P22-664 / P22-667 / P22-669

A need for high pressure intensity

Our range of round external tank doors can meet a need for high pressure intensity (bar) thanks to a quality material thickness and clamping system.

Our round pressure doors bring you the security you need in the industrial, chemical or even wine field.

Choose watertight outer doors

The outdoor watertight round tank door category can also be used on the top of the tank to get easy access with the clamping system, which allows the entire door to be removed.

The wide opening of these manholes brings ease to cleaning the interior of the tank.

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