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Rectangular exterior doors

Our range of rectangular hydraulic pressure exterior doors is mainly used for sectors whose tanks do not require high pressure intensity. We provide you with a range of rectangular external doors with certified safety.

The rectangular exterior opening tank door can be used to achieve a simple opening to the outside of the tank. The wide, rectangular shape is ideal to allow a wide walkway for simplified maintenance.

Rectangular Exterior Doors P23-307
Rectangular Exterior Doors P23-307Ref:P23-307 / P23-308 / P23-312
Rectangular Exterior Doors P23-201
Rectangular Exterior Doors P23-201Ref:P23-201 / P23-202 / P23-203 / P23-204

Securing your tanks with a rectangular door

The CODAP building code that our rectangular exterior pressure doors meet adds security with our customers in the choice of our doors.

The hydraulic pressure system meets the need for low pressure required for a door located in the middle of the tanks.

Discover the watertight rectangular tank doors

The exterior watertight rectangular doors can be used on the top part of the tank, in order to obtain simplified access by removing the entire gate thanks to the clamping system.

The wide opening of these manholes brings ease to the cleaning of the interior of the tank.

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