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Oval exterior doors

The Boyer range of external oval doors can be recognised by the doors opening on the outside of the tank and the doors closing by a clamping system. We offer a range of products that comply with the "CODAP" construction code, with controlled quality ensuring safety for our customers.

Notre catégorie de trous d’homme peut être utilisée pour répondre à plusieurs besoins métiers (traitement des eaux, viticulture, chimie, industrie). Les portes à ouverture extérieure ovales répondent à un besoin de forte pression grâce à un système de serrage développé par notre bureau d’études. Elles sont également utilisées afin d’obtenir une ouverture simple et rapide vers l’extérieure de la cuve.

Doors for tanks with certified safety

Our range of oval exterior doors can meet the need for high pressure intensity (bar) thanks to a significant material thickness and a quality clamping system.

The CODAP construction code to which our oval exterior watertight doors comply allows us to add safety to our customers' choice of doors.

Oval shaped doors to suit your business

The outdoor watertight oval door category can be used on the front as well as the top of the tank, for quick and easy access thanks to the clamping system that allows the entire door to be removed.

The wide opening of these manholes provides ease of maintenance from inside the tank.

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