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Rectangular autoclave doors

The rectangular autoclave doors are recognizable from other doors by their opening towards the inside of the tank. They are positioned on the front of your tank in order to benefit from maximum pressure holding but also to be able to open it to perform regular maintenance.

With its wide opening, the rectangular shaped autoclave door allows you to maintain your tank regularly. You will be able to mount and dismount your door simply and quickly thanks to a central system.

Rectangular watertight door for your tanks

Autoclave doors come in different sizes and shapes to better meet your needs. Our design office works according to the reality of the market to make its autoclave doors.

With the rectangular tank doors, we meet your needs for internal pressure and tightness.

Unique material reduction technique

This class of inward opening pressure tight door allows through material reduction technique to reduce product maceration inside the frame.

The opening direction of our rectangular pressure tight doors reduces the risk of external pollutants getting attached to the inner side of the door.

Need specific dimensions, or a particular product?
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Our technical design office will accompany you from the conception to the realization of your project.

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