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Oval autoclave doors

Oval autoclave doors are recognizable due to their opening towards the inside of the tank. They are positioned on the front of the tanks in order to benefit from pressure holding but also to carry out the maintenance of your tank.

The oval shape of the autoclave door will allow you to have a wide enough opening to maintain your tank simply. Mounting and dismounting the door is quick and easy thanks to a central system.


Shape to suit your business needs

Autoclave doors come in a variety of shapes to meet the needs of our customers and the market.

The choice of autoclave door shapes (round, rectangular, and oval) is based on each customer's characteristics and internal pressure and sealing requirements.

Choose Oval Inward Opening Tank Door

This category of inward opening pressure tight door allows through a material reduction technique, to reduce product maceration inside the door.

The opening direction of our pressure tight doors reduces the risk of external pollutants getting attached to the inner side of the door.

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