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Autoclave round door

Round autoclave doors are recognizable by their opening towards the inside of the tank. Positioned on the front of your tanks, these round shaped autoclave doors offer you easy maintenance and pressure holding.

The round shape of the autoclave door, offers you a wide opening to maintain your tank as easily as possible. The assembly and disassembly steps of your door is facilitated by a central system.

Round autoclave doors P12-510
Round autoclave doors P12-510Ref:P12-510 / P12-610 / P12-810

Choose the right door shape for your industry

We offer autoclave doors in various sizes to best meet your business needs.

Choose the shape that best suits your internal pressure and sealing needs: round, oval or rectangular autoclave doors.

Minimize the risk of pollutants with the round autoclave door

This category of pressure tight door with internal opening allows, thanks to a material reduction technique, to reduce the maceration of product inside the tank.

The opening direction of our pressure tight doors decreases the risk of external pollutants coming to settle on the internal side of the door.

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