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The autoclave doors will allow you to obtain an impeccable sealing but also decrease the material inside the frame, strongly reducing the maceration of stored product.

The interior opening of this door range allows you to obtain a high pressure intensity resistance. Primarily positioned on the front of storing appliances, Boyer autoclave doors save space by opening to the inside of the tank.

Discover the advantages of pressure doors

The autoclave door is used very regularly in sectors such as wine or even chemical and pharmaceutical. Autoclave doors will perfectly meet the needs of your sector.

For example, the inward opening of the storage tank prevents the deposition of external pollutants on the inside of the door.

Simple maintenance tank doors

Ease of maintenance is a very important point for us, which our range of autoclave tank doors fully meets.

The assembly and disassembly of the door is carried out with ease thanks to a system where there is no tightening. The pressure achieved by the vessel container will allow the autoclave door to meet the need for a perfect seal.

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